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Riparium Ripariums are special kind of Paludarium in that they have a waterfall to flow water across the tank. Flowing and moving water is needed to keep the Riparium clean and smell free, also to nuture and water the plants so that they may grow to top performance. Ripariums usually have more water than a typical paludarium, the plants are also usually bigger and stronger than in a typical Paludarium.

Through a rain installation rain can be stimulated to mimic tropical environments for moist loving frogs. Water is pumped through a pump and through tubes it is carried to the top of the waterfall where it falls back down again. This is a very important process in creating the riparium effect, this allows the water to move freely across the tank cleaning up messy debris and stimulating an authetenic environment for hte critters. Just be sure that no fish can get sucked into the tubes to avoid a bad nightmare!

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