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Paludarium Plants

In order to find plants for youre paludarium go to your local nursery or garden center and look for small tropical plants, typically in 1 to 3 inch pots. Ask the employees to recommend plants that like to be moist and do best in partial sun or full shade. There are numerous different species of plants to choose from. Paludarium can contain all the water or aquarium plants. As far as aquatic plant selection is concerned, you are limited by the varieties available in your local aquarium store. Plants with darker leaf colors usually require less light and will do better in the long run. It can contain costal plants, boggy plants, and tropical forest plants. Be sure to get plants that are easy to keep and maintain, if you get plants that die or wither easily it can be a chore having to dig up the dead plant material and replacin it. Also be sure to research if the plant is toxic or not, and if it is friendly to the animals you intend to keep in your'e paludarium. These species have adapted to the conditions of high humidity, and housed in a paludarium.

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