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Paludarium Maintenance

There are two techniques for planting in paludariums. The first method is to plant the plants directly on the bottom soil layer. Planting should be done directly into the ground. We get almost hydroponic system with a user-friendly regulation and a more or less natural look. To speed up the launch system can be planted directly under the roots of plants to make a granular fertilizer on the basis of clay and peat or pills for the root feeding aquarium plants. But when such planting roots of plants is often intertwined, and the replacement or displacement of the plants will require further rehabilitation work.

Therefore we generally use the second method, where each plant is put into a separate pot, and has plants in pots placed in the water paludariums. In this way the movement of plants is not working and worrying neighbors. The easiest way to use plastic pots, they are light and wash well. It would take a softer pots, this will facilitate the transfer and reduce the risk of damage to the root system. Additionally soft pots easier to do extra hole to break the roots and shoots of the ground. The shape and size of the pot are chosen separately in each case.

CIf the collection of land, for whatever reason is difficult, you can use the purchase of land mixtures or prepare their own from peat moss, sand and large, so-called living land sold at a flower shop. A mixture that is too acidic is better not to apply because they are oppressed by the root system on it is not suitable for land. Before planting substrate better dunk in water for 1 -2 weeks that has been fermenting. Pour into a pot, you can land without drainage. The roots of plants when planting is better placed in the upper layer of the substrate down, they will go longer in the soil, therefore it is better to eat.

Still being investigated is the use of CO 2 in paludariums. It did not lead to marked improvement in plant growth. Obviously as a result of rot in the ground provide ample amount of carbon dioxide and an additional payment is not needed.

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