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Paludarium Pictures

The paludariums on this page have smaller bodies of water than some others shown on the previous pages. Humidity is often maintained by regular misting. This allows for a different range of plants. Fish are still possible in such tanks, though only the smallest varieties such as certain Killifish would be advised.

This paludarium is primarily planted with smaller plant species; mosses and creepers cover the walls and floor whilst specimin plants like bromeliads are mounted to pieces of wood

A drier paludarium may only have small bodies of water. Such tanks have less mosses are more leafy plants

This paludarium is lushly planted with mosses, bromeliads and small leafed climbers. Three misting nozzles can be seen at the top of this image; regular misting is essential to maintain the rainforest-like humidity.

This taller tank is less established than some; there are clear drier zones (at the top of the tank) and more moist areas (the floor). This can be very useful, as it allows animals such as frogs to experience the moisture level that suits them best

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