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Paludarium Maintenance

In general we can say that the maintenance and care of paludariums is easier than that of aquariums. It is of no coincidence that it is now gaining momentum and industry supporters of the establishment and maintenance of “the swamp” along with the more familiar aquarium and terrarium.

Regular problems in maintain paludariums are algae and mold fungi, sometimes covering the surface of the substrate. They are not harmful to plants, delaying the film land and plant growth to be in violation of gas exchange processes and cause depression of plants, and it looks little it is a well-washed plants transplanted into the new soil and pot. If you do not run, this problem does not occur often enough, and easily solved by removing the upper layer of the substrate, along with the fledging colony of unwanted organisms.

Creating a decorative paludarium has one problem – the high humidity inside the decorative pot. When temperature difference inside and outside walls are covered condensate, which is unacceptable as looks very un-presentable. On this account to use vessels with strong ventilation or partially open. But this often leads to lower humidity inside the paludarium. The solution to this dilemma is in the use of modern technology: cloud heads, fountain, streams, etc. It is not difficult the only thing that should be taken into account, it must be used to improve the moisture-poor water to avoid salt stains on plants and decorative structure paludarium. But everything else – a matter of taste and opportunities for everyone.

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